About Us


Kalam Students Awareness Association was registered with the Government of Tamil Nadu and recognized on February 16, 2018 (21/2018).

Kalam Students Awareness Association is a non-political social organization created for awareness of upcoming young generation, school students and children towards social awareness.

Kalam Association is initiated by students and social activists to achieve his dream are the vision & mission of this Association .

The City (Madurai) which developed Tamil by various Tamil scholars using Thamizh Sangam as our Head Quarters we are functioning in all districts of Tamilnadu. We social enthusiasts joined together to fulfil the dreams of Dr APJ Kalam working for day-to-day campaign with thoughtful ideas.

Some services can only be operated. Such services are preceded by volunteers in all districts of Tamil Nadu. Kalam Association foundations are casual social activists, students, and women’s who are working without any expectations like identity, money, position in the society. As a family, we are carrying out the service in the alliance of friendships.

We are making aware of the Gram Sabha meetings and guidelines for educating villagers and thereby promoting social change. In villages in all districts, we carry out operations like Nursery banks, blood banks, and evening educational centre and running towards achieving our target. The Kalam Students’ awareness Association aims at students, volunteers, social welfare activists and brothers & sisters to develop Tamils and students.

Many have a question about how a non-political movement can act. Kalam students Association votes are not for politics this Association is only the awareness Association. So the Kalam Students Awareness Association is for Social welfare activists, sisters, brothers and siblings who emphasize how we can get our rights without any scuffle in the future.

Social service includes all the services in the community. Kalam students awareness movement is a platform for all brothers, sisters and youngster in Tamil Nadu, who can join hands for Dr APJ dream of Vision 2020 to bring India Superpower.